Friday, January 8, 2010

Hats off to these kids

About a month ago, I got the opportunity to photograph a couple of my friend Mercy's children. The shoot was at her home, so I brought along a suitcase full of equipment and a big black plastic trash bag stuffed with hats and other items. I wanted it to be fun. I've photographed her children before as an assignment for a studio photography class I was taking at Washtenaw Community College, so I knew they were photogenic and I knew they could be prompted into silliness. Both of the kids are cute, but in different ways. Justice has a face and ears that reminds me of an English lad. LIllian has a beautiful round face and wonderful silvery eyes that look blue. As it turned out, Lillian was a much more willing model than Justice, allowing several different series of shots. 

For the lighting set up, I used three Alien Bees B800s. I placed the mainlight with a 24x36 inch softbox at camera right. The fill light with a 36-inch umbrella was placed camera left and a rimlight was placed in the rear, camera right, with a silver reflector. A  10x16 black muslin was used for the background.

It was one of those shoots where you have a hard time narrowing down the best shots because there are so many good ones. The photo above was the best of the brother-sister shots and a great candidate for stock photo sales. My personal favorite though was the the following photo. The lighting was spot on and Lillian's beautiful eyes and personality seemed to sparkle under the man's fedora hat.

You can see more photos from this session at


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